Sunday, June 27, 2010


Out volunteering today at the CDA Ironman.  Matt and I were in the swim to bike transition area and were lucky enough to be able to see all the awesome atheletes...AND their bikes. Something like 2700 athletes.  The atmosphere was really energizing and the weather was just perfect.  I took these pics with my camera phone so the quality is kinda lousy but good enough for you to get the idea...a sea of bikes.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Good Very Bad Day


This was not the post I had intended to make. 
After getting back from a week's field trip in Tacoma with our homeschool group, I was planning to tell you all about the wonderful places we visited and what we did.
But I'm not.
That will have to wait.
Instead I get home to find a very sick dog I had to rush to the vet.  They think he may have a fractured neck and will have to do exploratory surgey on him tomorrow. In the meantime the vet have pumped him full of painkillers to help him get through the night.

And then I discover that I left $1500 of cameras and equipment...yes I said cameras with an "S" back at the hotel in Tacoma.  When I rang the hotel they said they can't find it.  It has apparently grown legs and walked away by itself.

And then I realise that it is my daughters 13th birthday in one day and as is my bent to procrastination I have not done a scrap of birthday shopping for her .  In true optomistic style I decide that one day (tomorrow) is plenty of time for me to do all the birthday shopping I need until I check up on my business and find that I have so many orders its going to take me at least 3 days to fill them all.

Now I'm not telling you this because I'm fishing for some sympathy.  Everyone has days where life just plain stinks.  And I guess that's the point.  Life isn't always a bunch of pretty pictures and cute stories.  Sometimes it just has hair all over it...(for non-Aussies that's a reference to life just being plain ugly).  And so to be honest I can't just always blog about the fun things we do and the great places we go.

BUT there is always a bright spark to even the darkest day. Sometimes you really have to look for it but it's always there.  So after all this, Matt leaves work early and meets me at the vet, and while the dog is getting x-rayed he silently listens to me unload about all the drama of the day.  He doesn't say a word...just nods.  We finally get home and he starts making dinner for the kids and he turns to me, hands me a margarita that he has just made and tells me that life can always be worse, that he missed us while we were away and that a camera can always be replaced.
"It's just a thing, Donna.  It doesn't really mean anything important."
And I smile...he is usual.
And today is another good day.