Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Nothing like a bit of Nookie for our anniversary.

Thanks to my wonderful husband for knowing just the right thing.

Spokane River Run

News Flash...trail running is the bomb.

 I know most of you already know this but I have only just discovered it.

Truthfully, I have never done any trail running before which is criminal considering where I live.  I really have no excuse.  Spokane has an abundance of beautiful outdoor trails, parks and rec areas all close to where I live.  So when I heard about the Spokane River Run I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to give it a try.

The River Run is an annual Spring event run in Riverside State Park here in Spokane. The event offered 5K, 10K, 25K and 50K ultra distance options.  Originally I had planned to do the 25K option but downgraded to the 10K which turned out to be a good decision for me.  The race was a relatively late start @ 9:45 am but by then the weather was absolutely perfect.  The air was cool but the sky was cloudless and blue.  Such a change from the snowy, rainy weather we have been having lately. 

The course itself was absolutely breath taking.  Lots of hills, rocks, mud, dirt and some magnificent views of the Spokane River.  My only complaint was that I was so busy keeping an eye on my footing that I couldn't stop and enjoy the spectacular view.  I think that is why I have my serious face on in this took quite a lot of concentration to avoid tripping and falling.  I saw lots of people roll an ankle or trip over exposed roots and rocks, so staying upright was my one and only race strategy.

In the end mission accomplished.  I managed to avoid an embarrassing sprawl in the mud and I enjoyed an amazing run in the process. I definitely see more trail running in my future. Cheers to the folks that organised the race.  They did a great job making this a fun, well supported and organised event

Friday, April 15, 2011

You know its Spring when...

No...silly...its not the sunshine and warmer temps that gives it away.

It's soccer season

The boys have started back at soccer...and loving it. 

It's toughening us spectators up, too. Although I have some soccer mentors that are veterans of about 12+ years of sitting out and watching their kids play soccer. So you can say we are learning from the best.


And they have taught me that a latte and a blanket can make ALL the difference

Jack loves playing forward. LOVES it. 


Max on the other hand is all about being goalie.


 He is lucky to have that "no fear" attitude that allows him to do this......


....and not worry about getting kicked in the head.  Apparently that is Mum and Dad's job.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Come on Spring

Waiting very patiently for Spring. {Well...not so much patiently}  When will it ever come?

My bike has forgotten what its like to be outside.  Months on the trainer instead of the road. Running on the treadmill.  When will the sun come out?

To keep from being fixated on our less than stellar weather we've had to focus on other indoor pursuits.


Jack took part in the annual Boy Scout Pinewood Derby race.  Matt made the car in record time...(like 3 days from block of wood to finished car)...and Jack got to race it alongside all his friends.  There were some incredibly imaginative designs. My favorite was the block of hersheys chocolate that managed to come last every single time.  Maybe that says everything you need to know about combining chocolate and racing right there.


We've also had some really fun field trips.One to the Apple Store downtown.  Seemed an odd choice to me at first. What would the kids do in a store.  Well once we got there it made perfect sense.  This generation of kids are so gadget savvy...they totally get IT.  They immediately picked up the ipads, the Macbooks and ipods and started messing with them and playing around.  Being somewhat of a technological neanderthal I struggled to find the "on" button.  But regardless, the kids had a fantastic time. They got to make an i-movie and then produce a movie preview.  Very cool.


We also had a trip to the Spokane Humane Society.  Talk about the other end of the spectrum.  Apple is cutting edge techno and the Animal Shelter is frankly...a bit of a sad place. But the kids got to see all the animals, play with the kittens and walk some dogs.  AND we managed to come home without another animal so that was a major win for me :-)

Over the weekend we got together with some friends to work on a community service project.  Making blankets for a local family shelter. It was fun to chat and craft. Special thanks to our neighbor, Natalie for giving us a crash course in tied fleece blanket making.  The kids loved it so much we went back down to the fabric store to get extra fleece so they could make their own to keep.  My only hope is that it won't be too long before the weather warms up and those blankets are packed away for next winter.


 Fingers crossed!