Sunday, June 5, 2016

Roadtrips and birthdays

My philosophy is that there is no point having a bucket list unless you devote time to checking things off your list. Now the kids will sometimes call my incessant need to check things off my bucket list FFF or Forced Family Fun.  But this time I think everyone agreed that we nailed it.  A total hoot of a weekend.

Matt and I took friday off work and the kids took the day off school and we headed off to Seattle

The weather was perfect

We made it to Seattle and checked in to my favourite hotel...the Edgewater....ahhhhh.

Then we headed to Pike place for some shopping and met up with max and his friends that also came over from Spokane. We went and grabbed a pub meal for dinner and then headed off to the main event.

Billy Joel baby!

My kids are big Billy Joel fans and it was Jack's birthday weekend so what better way to celebrate than to have this once in a lifetime experience.  The guy is a legend. And he didn't disappoint. I thought it may be a bit of a mellow concert, him being a piano player and all. But it was a total old school, rock n roll, get up and dance kinda gig.

Mothers Day

Just the gift for a chocolate lover.  Thank you kids....and pinterest.