Tuesday, May 27, 2014

22/52: Making


A frenzy of making, and fixing and doing.

The outdoor table got a make over with a new paint job to replace all the cracked and peeling paint.  A new lease of life for an old tired bit of furniture.

 Matt replaced our side fence to stop the dog from staging a break out. He is such a handy husband. I am salvaging the old wood from the fence to see what I can turn it into.  Stay tuned for that! .

Inside my sewing machine is working overtime, stitching up shorts and skirts for summer.  I made a storage satchel for all my knitting needles. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep track of what I have and avoid any doubling up.

And speaking of knitting, my  regular weekend trips to the yarn store have helped me grow my knitting stash. So I am finishing off my scarf and getting ready to load another project onto the knitting needles.

Ciara was busy baking a croquembouche for her french class. Looked fantastic. A bit sad we never got to sample it, but her French class was in for a treat.

21/52; Growing

So much growing is going on now that spring is finally here.

Outside the garden is taking off with gusto.  Flowers everywhere and fruit on the fruit trees

A visit to the local farmers' market is another favorite.  Loads of fresh produce, flowers and bread.  There is nothing like a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers to brighten the house. And the little portable pizza oven caught Matt's eye.

And finally some puppy growing is also happening.  A week old and twice the size they were when they were born. Obviously Mum is doing a great job fattening them up.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Images of a Birthday

Being eleven is pretty awesome

Traditional choc chip pancakes in the shape of eleven.

Home made pizza for lunch

Hu hot for dinner your BFF , ( and your fantastic neighbours)

Ice cream cake for dessert, ( made by one said fantastic neighbour)


Lawn games after dinner

Really, what more could an eleven year old ask for?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

14-20/52: Spring is here

I always revert to the catch up post.  What a slacker.

The good news is Spring is here...yippee.  Say hello to sunshine, flowers and gardens.

Loads of eating on the patio and a culdesac full of activity.  Tetherball competitions get serious and require parental involvement and a referee on a bicycle.

Mothers Day in the hood.  The cute puppy in the picture is one of our foster pups that ended up being adopted by a family member of a friend.  It will be so fun to see that one grow up.

It's parade season.  We love watching the marching band come through the neighborhood practicing for the parade.

And of course we love to cheer on Ciara.

And then going downtown to cheer on Central Valley High school and watch the parade.  This year a fleet of Deloreans.  You don't see THAT every day.

Loads of puppies.  Our latest was a pregnant Mumma who gave birth last night to a litter of 5 little jelly beans.  She is so clever.

And finally marathon training has started.  Fingers crossed that my knee holds up. At least my post run recovery is productive.  Scarf knitting.