Tuesday, May 27, 2014

22/52: Making


A frenzy of making, and fixing and doing.

The outdoor table got a make over with a new paint job to replace all the cracked and peeling paint.  A new lease of life for an old tired bit of furniture.

 Matt replaced our side fence to stop the dog from staging a break out. He is such a handy husband. I am salvaging the old wood from the fence to see what I can turn it into.  Stay tuned for that! .

Inside my sewing machine is working overtime, stitching up shorts and skirts for summer.  I made a storage satchel for all my knitting needles. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep track of what I have and avoid any doubling up.

And speaking of knitting, my  regular weekend trips to the yarn store have helped me grow my knitting stash. So I am finishing off my scarf and getting ready to load another project onto the knitting needles.

Ciara was busy baking a croquembouche for her french class. Looked fantastic. A bit sad we never got to sample it, but her French class was in for a treat.