Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Eyes Have It

Isn't it amazing how our eyes work! Ingenius really.
As I get older I notice my body changing. Some changes I am happy with...others...not so much! Getting glasses for me a few months ago made me realize how much I take my body for granted. I have just always assumed it will keep on doing what it has always done without any additional fine tuning or upkeep. I have tried to exercise regularly but there are things that whether I like it or not just deteriorate with age. My eyes certainly are one of those things.
My son borrowed an "I Spy" book from the library yesterday and we spent time together last night looking through the pages, trying to find all the hidden objects. As he found the objects he would point them out to me and for the most part I could see them all but I was a little distressed to realize that a couple of the objects were just too small for me to see. I am putting off a visit to the optometrist to get stronger glasses as denial seems like the best course of action at this point.
But the funny thing about eyes is that we can all look at the same thing and often see something different. My daughter looked at the picture above and said it looked like the heads of pins. My son said that they looked like cells dividing in a lab experiment. Neither was right....but both are interesting observations!


  1. I know what you mean about not being happy with some body changes! That image is so cool! I see bubbles sitting on top of water!

  2. Is it carbonation from a soda??!?

    ken's in denial about his vision, too! ;) I'm glad you're both joining me in the land of denial. I've been driving without glasses for years and my optometrist looked scared when I told him that! ;)


  3. I used to work for an optometrist. He always said once a person hits 40 that their vision starts to go because the eye starts to harden (or something). Everybody at some point needs glasses. Of course, if you've been wearing glasses since the sixth grade like me, it's no big deal. =)

    Whatever those bubbles are, they are pretty cool. To me they look like the (unwanted) bubbles in fused glass that sometimes get trapped between the sheets.

  4. Ahh yes eyesight (or rather the lack of it)I've just got some new glasses.Well let me say denial is one thing but when your eyes feel like someone is sticking pins in to the back of ya eyeballs all the time, glasses seem a reasonable cure. I say this because this is what it feels like when you need to update ya glasses prescription. I now hve a pair of sunglasses (long distance vision, cant read a book with these), a pair of glasses with multifocal lense for when i'm not wearing my sunnies and if i want to read a book I've got a pair of glasses for reading only, that i perch on the end of my nose and peer out over the top of and cant really see that clearly without my distance glasses, ahhh old age, if ya cant beat it, join in with as much gusto as you can.

  5. I've been wearing glasses since I was 12. But lately, I notice that I have to hold things a little further away from my eyes to read. But I've held off on needing bifocals so far!

    I say those are carbonation bubbles too!

    Who's correct?

  6. G'day from another aussie... great photos you have here.

  7. oh so excited to see you back :)

    My daughter has a sight training game on her DS and my eye age was 65 LOL!!

    I've been wearing glass since I was 21 so it not just an age thing.

  8. funny i just posted about vision too. it's a big source of frustration for me because i have never worn glasses. i've been in denial for a year or so but can no longer deny the fact that I have to have my readers close by.

  9. I think it is water bubbles or carbonated bubbles as well. However, maybe I should put my glasses on for a better look. ;-)