Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Birthday, A Bike Ride and a Bonus


Yes...Monday was a busy day. And so I had no Macro Monday post but I have a good excuse.
It was Matt's birthday yesterday.....and not just ANY birthday. He turned 40. The big 4 - 0.
Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am not a very good birthday shopper and I had been wracking my brains for weeks trying to think of what to get him. Anything that he really wants he just goes ahead and buys for himself and so there was nothing that I could think of that he either needed or wanted.


Now I'm not the melancholy sort but it did strike me that as we get older there is one thing that really is priceless and whether we like to admit it or not is in a diminishing supply....TIME. Time with our spouse, our children, our family, our friends. So Matt and I agreed that for this year no fancy presents...making the most of our time together was the best gift we could give each other.


With that in mind we headed off yesterday on a bit of a bicycling adventure. We drove across to the Idaho/ Montana border and took on the Hiawatha Trail. It was an old railway line that has been coverted to a beautifully scenic bike trail.

The scenery was just breathtaking!


We covered about 14.5 miles of the trail. Across old railway bridges and through plenty of long, dark tunnels. And when I say dark I mean pitch black. You can't see your hand in front of your face when you are inside the tunnels so a bike light for each of us was a necessity. Inside the tunnels it was surprisingly cold...and more than a little creepy. All darkness, bare rock walls and the sound of running, dripping water. Still it provided plenty of incentive to pedal like crazy to get through to the other side!

We were lucky enough to see a moose and her baby grazing..( sorry no pics of that), but we did meet these cute little chipmunks who were looking to share some of the oreos the kids were eating.


If you look closely to the top right in that picture above you will see one of the old railway bridges we crossed...just spectacular!


And so that was the birthday and the bike ride....and now for the bonus....for me that is.
I feel very honored to have a received an award from 2 blogging friends...Michelle and Elizabeth. Thank you both so much. I always enjoy visiting your blogs and I'm sure other visitors to my corner of the blogosphere will enjoy a visit there too! Thanks again guys :-)


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, my dear God. Scenery like that is proof that God loves us dearly! How could He not, and give us things like that to see?
    I'm glad you enjoyed his big 40, and time is a wonderful gift.

  3. Spectacular pictures, and what a great way to spend a birthday.

  4. Gorgeous!! I can't wait to go in September!!! :)

  5. wow. that reminds me of the landscape at Katoomba... mindblowingly GORGEOUS