Friday, October 23, 2009

What a Feast


It just makes me laugh.
My brother arrived here for a visit and we out him straight to work.
He wasn't allowed to sit back and relax.
No siree.

He was carving pumpkins, playing monopoly, kicking around a soccer ball...and of course participating in a medieval feast....huh...what?


Well as part of our history study of the Middle Ages we have been learning all about Knights. This week we were studying chivalry and decided to make a knights heraldic shield. guessed it....Pete got to help with that too!


As Pete is leaving tomorrow what could be more appropriate for a send off than a medieval feast...prepared by Ciara.


We had the King and Queen present as well as the court jester. I was apparently the serving wench! ( Mom sounds like a better title but the duties are much the same!)


  1. I can't believe I missed Uncle Pete's visit entirely... and that I missed the medevil feast?! {sad} :(

  2. It was nice to see Pete, even for the very brief time he was at our front door. I hope you had a fabulous visit. Sounds like you had plans to keep him busy!

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