Monday, April 19, 2010

Leave of Absence


Just in case you are going to miss me....this is where I'll be for the next 2 weeks. I life is sooo tough. I'm sure you are silently pitying me right now. :-P
Beware though...I plan to torture you with loads of vacation snaps when I get back. Fiji here we come :-)


  1. May I come with you? I promise not to cause any trouble. I'll even babysit your kids.

  2. Oh, you are just downright RUDE. Showing us those photos! Barf!

    :) I guess I'll forgive you. But you better take some AMAZING photos to share with us! I want you to WORK for that vacation!

  3. First off... that image makes me so GREEN with ENVY.

    So I had to wait until you came home before I could tell you to have fun! ;) hahaha!!

    Welcome home. Can't wait to here about FIJI!!

  4. Well, I certainly hope you are happy with yourself. And that you had a great time! Looking forward to your vacation photos. =)