Sunday, September 26, 2010

...And another one opens.

If you read this post you know that I have been bikeless for a while.  I sold my old road bike and went in search of a tri bike. Despite the fact that I had clip on aero bars on my road bike I never really felt comfortable in the aero position and so I decided it was time to switch across to a purpose built tri bike.  I test rode a few different brands of bike...Felt, Quintana Roo. They were all nice but didn't quite feel " just right"  I felt a little like Goldilocks...hmmm this ones too small, this one's too stiff, this ones too pink. (Sorry...just NOT a fan of pink bikes) And ironically after going through this long process of testing and comparing I ended up back where I started. 
With a Cervelo. 
I just bought her home today.
To say that I am loving her is an understatement ...( and yes, of course it's a "she" bike).
Just looking at her makes me smile.
I have some big plans for us. 
This new chapter's looking like a pretty great one.
I just can't wait.


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