Thursday, February 9, 2012

Visiting the Pain Cave.

Triathlon seems to be experiencing a surge in popularity.  Great news for our sport as it gets more exposure and support.  I think those kind of things have been really helpful to a grass roots tri club like ours. Our membership is booming and we have been lucky in securing a lot of really great sponsors for 2012.  One of these sponsors is The Bike Hub, our local bike and multisport store.  Amongst a whole lot of other things, they offer our club use of their basement spin room.  Its a massive space complete with a huge flat screen TV, countless spinerval DVDs, fans, name it.  And of course one of the best things is immediate access to a mechanic should that be required.

A group from our club workout there Tues/ Thurs and Saturdays every week over the winter.  Finally this Saturday I had a 1hr 45min spin on my schedule so I decided to give the Bike Hub Basement a go. 

Now I know what the term "pain cave" refers to.

A friend who was visiting the pain cave snapped some pictures of us.  Yes, that's me on the far right. I know it looks like I am praying...praying for it to be over.

Afterwards  my legs were like jello, but it was the best bike workout I have had in months.  Way more focused than anything I would do at home by myself.  So it looks like Saturdays in the pain cave will become a regular thing for me :-)


  1. 1:45
    OUCH! That's a long ride for a "spinning" type workout. Sheesh. Remind me to never go there to the cave. I might never make it out alive. I love that you were praying. ;)

  2. Owwwwwwwwwwww! I am happy that my rides can be out doors year round. However, my coach does have me doing one ride on my trainer. Not into heavy spinning yet, but one of my teammates who has never rode before beside teaching spin classes, took off on our long bike ride last week, so I am sure it will make you stronger. Sad that it has to take place in a cave. I can just smell it all the way from AZ!