Sunday, June 10, 2012

Boise 70.3 or thereabouts - Pre-Race


I feel like I could write a book after my experience in Boise. Lucky for you I will only write a few blog posts about it instead.

The lead up to the race was less than ideal. In fact I think looking back now my pre-race week was a lesson in what NOT to do.

I had come down with bronchitis on the Sunday before the race. My doctor put me an anitbiotics just in case it was bacterial but she was sure it was viral in which case I would just have to wait it out. She told me not to race but after months of training the thought of not racing was a real stink.

Each day when I woke up I felt worse than the day before and by Wednesday I was worried that I wouldn't be able to race at all. I was due to fly out to Boise on Thursday morning and because my flight was non refundable I decided to just go and make the final call on Friday.

{Welcome to Boise}

Thursday I got to the hotel and just felt horrible. I checked into my hotel (The Grove is awesome and right at the finish line) and just went straight to bed and I slept until it was time to get up and go to registration.

Registration was fun...lots of energy and excitement. At the Athlete's briefing race officials said they were expecting water temps close to 64F which was a big relief considering last year it as 52F.


By Friday morning my tri team friends starting arriving in town and at last I began feeling better. It still felt like I was breathing through a straw but I decided that I would toe the line come race morning and hope for the best. I knew it wouldn't be the race I was hoping for but finishing became my only race goal.

{Some very serious pre race strategy talk going on here}

On Friday afternoon we headed up to Lucky Peak Reservoir where the swim and T1 would be to rack our bikes and scope out the swim course.


{ A little windy and cold but not too bad}

After a team dinner ( there were 38 team members doing Boise).....

......I headed back to my room to pack my race bags and get a good nights sleep.


Phew....who knew a PRE race report could be this long. Next post a real race report. I promise :-)


  1. Can't wait for the "real" race report and your take on what seems like an interesting day (to say the least).

  2. Looking forward to the actual race report.

  3. I read this and as I'm reading it all I'm thinking is "there is no way to sum up this experience in a blog post."

    I love that you ARE blogging it and I can't wait to read more! You know what I mean though.

    So glad you made it to Boise.... looking forward to Part 2!

  4. sorry to hear you weren't feeling great! not surprised you still did the race though - would have, too!

    looking forward to the race report... i've already heard about some crazy conditions at the race!

  5. So awesome to read about your dedication. Nice work Donna!

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  7. Really great blog! Yikes, that sounds sooo cold - what a day - good for you for staying in and finishing it :) The "rock" feeling I have had before when we did a tri on a super cold day - strangest feeling ever - lots of great tips you left - thanks for sharing your great adventure!