Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Fun Bus

The title was for my sister in law who has a car she calls the Fun Bus. ( Her kids don't like her calling it that because they think it makes her sound like a pedophile.)  She has a minivan that always seems to be full of kids....hers and other people's.  So when I was looking around for something to do for Matt's birthday I was inspired by her fun bus.

I told Matt that we were going to something fun for his birthday.  I'm sure he was visualizing a meal at a nice restaurant but instead he afternoon spin on Spokane's Party Trolley.

It involved lots of beer drinking, ( not the kids...they were eating snow cones)  pedalling, yelling and  squirting each other with water pistols.  And loads of laughing.  Apparently beer drinking and bicycle riding in 90F heat makes a bunch of funny people even funnier.

Let me tell you pedalling that thing was hard work.  I had assumed it had a little motor that would kick in on the up It's all people powered.  Now that was fine and dandy at the start but by the end of the ride when we were faced with a mile of uphill pedalling all the guys became a bunch of slackers.  The down hills were fun though.  The driver ( yes they provide a driver thank goodness.  I can't imagine letting one of our bunch drive the thing) , did apply the brakes on the downhills which was a little disappointing to the kids who were hoping we could break the speed limit.

All our hard work was rewarded by 3 twenty minute stops at various watering holes all over town.  At the last one apparently there were tequila shots being consumed but that is just an unconfirmed rumor.  Although given the boys riding performance after that stop I think there may be some truth in it.

Now after we made it off the Trolley is a whole other story.  I can't tell it because reputations may be ruined.  I'll just leave you with a final photo and say nothing more about it.


  1. Funniest. Day. Ever.

    You sure know how to throw a party. ;)

  2. That looks hilariously fun - wish we had one in Victoria!

  3. That was totally hilarious, most especially the last photo. I want to see the shot of Michelle stringing them along like a preschool troop across the road! Thanks for including us in the fun!