Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I am a triangle

For any expats or repats, my friend Mysti made me aware of this great blog post. Her family are ex Air Force and spent lots of time living in Germany before returning to the U.S with their 4 kids. It is interesting to me to hear that regardless of where your ancestral home is, repatriation seems like a pretty similar experience for everyone I think anyone who has ever lived in another country can relate....neither a circle nor a square. Sometimes we triangles and stars feel like misfits in the square and circle worlds. Once you become a triangle you will never be a square or circle again. Being a part of both but not really belonging to either. It can be challenging. But maybe instead of seeing ourselves as misfits we should view ourselves as multi fits. Lets face it, the world is getting smaller, globalization makes us more a part of a global community than ever before. So maybe being a triangle or a star is a not such a bad thing.


  1. I love you, Triangle Friend.
    And your Star Children, too.
    Your Square Friend. :)

    I've never really thought about this before but now that I've read it I don't think I'll ever see you expats in the same way.
    Makes me want to serve Vegemite next time you come over.