Friday, April 11, 2014

13/52; Spring Break

I think I enjoy a pictorial post the most.  I don't have to think up anything witty to say which is good considering it is spring break and my brain is definitely in vacation mode.

So here is no particular order is a cross section of what we have been up to over Spring Break.

Max ( in yellow) got a job as a soccer referee.  I told him I might have to start charging him room and board.

Ciara made some " to die for" cinnamon rolls.

I have been potting around getting some seedlings ready for planting.

A new load of puppies.  

Four of them this time...and my favourite?  Mr mellow yellow.  This guy will fall asleep anywhere.

And finally,  I have never claimed to be a " great" mother so I don't mind showing you this.  This is what happens when someone falls asleep on the couch.

A 'stache.

I am now too scared to fall asleep on the couch myself for fear of waking up with only one eyebrow.  Ahhh spring break. You are so much fun!