Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kitchen Reno

I have been meaning to post pictures of our kitchen renovation. Matt did everything himself...with the help of his familial labourers...and we are so happy with the results.  We decided to keep it simple as it really just needed a freshen up.  We kept the same layout to remove the expense associated with having to redo any of the flooring and we went for a simple modern look.

This is how it has looked for the last 10 years.

And this is how it looks today.

The main part of the transformation was the cabinets.  We decided to repaint the existing cabinetry because it was in pretty good and it would save us the expense of replacing it with something that was going to be pretty similar anyway.

Matt got lots of practice at spray painting.

The cabinet doors all came off as did the countertops. 

Not surprisingly Matt and the kids preferred the no-door style of kitchen. Me...not so much.

After the doors were done we had to spray the actual cabinets that were still attached to the walls.

We picked out some granite to replace the existing laminate countertops. That is the only thing we got a professional to install.

And then the wall painting started. That was my job.

Matt did all the tiling.

He also installed LED lighting under the cabinets which I love.

And once we added a new range and microwave...voila ..the kitchen now has a new lease of life.