Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Girls Road Trip to Bozeman

Ciara and I headed off to Montana at the end of June for her College orientation. A 4 day girls trip...we left the boys to fend for themselves and hit the road.  The drive to Bozeman is beautiful; 6 hours of breathtaking scenery, 4 Mountain passes,  Big Sky country, Rocky Mountains, snowy peaks in the middle of summer.  Beautiful.

Ciara stayed in a dorm on campus and I stayed in a nearby hotel and we had 3 intensive days of speakers, discussions, Q&A, name it.  We only saw each other for a few minutes here and there but we managed to catch each other for dinner one night.

Separately we both got to talk to her professors and the Dean of her department. Our days started at 7:00am and finished up around 8:00pm...later for Ciara. 

We toured the grounds which we incredibly well was like walking around a park....manicured gardens everywhere.

Their gym is bigger than our city's YMCA

And I got to see the actual room she will be living in this year. Her is her building....

And this is her room...

It may be small but she has a killer view...that's the Rocky Mountains in the background

She is pretty happy with her room.  She is on the Honors floor and right across the road from this.....

Happy Place for Ciara...the marching band digs are right outside the front door of her dorm.

By the time it was over we were exhausted.  We drove 6 hours home and  slept for about 12 hours.  Now we start the slow accumulation of all the things she will need to spend the next 9 months living away from home

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