Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Off to College

[WARNING - photo heavy post]

Matt's brother and sister- in -law got in to town just in time to join us for Ciara's last few days at home before she left for college. 

There was some fun on the boat and on the tube.

And an evening at the ballgame- complete with beer, chili cheese fries and hotdogs.

It was so great to see them and we were so glad that they were happy to come with us on our big adventure.  The drive to Bozeman takes 6 hours so we had to break it up a bit.  A stop at Wallace Idaho for a coffee and a huckleberry shake.

While in Montana we ate ribs at Famous Daves BBQ and lunch at my favorite store, the Co-op as well as a visit to the Museum of the Rockies.

Then we set about the task of getting Ciara set up in her dorm room.  There were numerous trips to Target, construction of furniture in the dorm hallway, setting up appliances, and grocery shopping. We were all exhausted by the end of the first day.  Thank goodness for early move-in though.  Thanks to the fact that only the marching band and the football players were allowed to move in early we pretty much had the entire floor of her dorm to ourselves to get set up.  I can't imagine how difficult it would be to try to do it all with 10,000 other people 

This is how her room looked when we were done.  Her roommate moves in today along with everyone else at the university, so it will be a little more noisy and busy from here on in.

When we left she was starting band camp...12-14 hours a day of rehearsals, tryouts and performances. So no time for her to sit around and twiddle her thumbs.

  Matt and I are still getting used to the idea that our baby has gone off to college and counting down the days until she comes home for Thanksgiving.

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