Thursday, April 7, 2016


Rugby. It makes boys into men. Or so I have been told! And since it's officially spring that means it's rugby season...and in the Pacific NW that can mean some challenging conditions.  Max's team ( in the black  jerseys) have to travel far and wide to play against other teams.  Here are some pictures from some recent matches. 

Between games they all keep warm in the team tent!

I think Max had about 4 sweatshirts on in this picture.

Winners are grinners...the smallest trophy ever made!

Don't you love the snow in the background?

We don't go on too many of the rugby trips with him.  It's just the coaches and a small group of diehards.  What brave people to take these bunch of high schoolers all over the Pacific NW.

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  1. Such great photos.

    I've resurfaced again. And I've somehow managed to get signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon in October.

    Hope you're well.