Friday, September 26, 2008

Art is Cool

It must be exhausting to be a teacher but sometimes I think they have the best job ever. Our school offers an Art Enrichment program through Beaverton. It is run by volunteers..(including yours truly)...and today I went into my sons' classrooms ( 3rd and Kindergarten) to do the presentation on the latest instalment in the program. We give a background to the artist or style we are studying and then the kids get to create their own piece of art in that genre.
Every time I go into the classrooms..(this is my second year) I always find their boundless enthusiasm, curiosity and sense of wonder incredibly inspiring and refreshing. The whole idea behind the program is to develop in kids a love and appreciation for all different types of art and from the kindergarteners "ooh's" and "aah's" and the much cooler 3rd graders "awesome" and "wicked" I can only take that to mean that the program is paying off. Here is my 3rd grader working on his own masterpiece.

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