Thursday, September 25, 2008

The "Not-So-Thoughtful" Wife

My lovely hubby has been wanting a digital SLR camera for ever and being the wonderfully thoughtful wife that I am, I decided to get him one for Christmas. After lots of research and opinions from friends, I finally settled on the Canon Rebel Xsi. Well, somewhere along the way I became really interested in the idea of taking photos as an art form as opposed to just taking some "happy snaps"!. I think I may have caught the photography bug and I ended up buying the camera..FOR MYSELF! maybe I'm NOT wonderfully thoughtful but I thought I'd share my very first photo with the new camera...(it arrived yesterday). Unfortunately, everyone was in bed at midnight last night so I didn't have much of a choice as far as subject matter...but here is a pic of my dog , Bart. On the upside... I can only get better from here.


  1. You're a BLOGGER!!! Woo-Hoo!!

    Good job embracing your inner geek! ;) People always cock their heads at me when I tell them I have a blog. ;)

    I love the pic of Bart. Such a good model.