Monday, November 30, 2009


Guatemala 50th 102

A few weeks ago I mentioned a project that we had become involved in.
A project that allowed us to touch the lives of children that we will probably never meet in a country we will probably never visit.
A group from our Church was headed down to Guatemala to celebrate 50 years of cooperation and support between our Diocese here in Spokane and the Church in some of the remotest parts of Guatemala.
We were lucky enough to be allowed to provide some special gifts for them to give to the local children.
You can read more about the gifts

Guatemala 50th 094

Now, I have to add at this point that when we were assembling all the gifts we really didn't expect any feedback. But it was such a nice surprise to get an email today from the lady who presented our gifts to the children. She has just arrived back from Guatemala and wanted to send me a couple of pictures of the children who received the gifts...AND she promised to send me more. How exciting!

Guatemala 50th 063

So while the gift is definitely in the giving it is really wonderful to actually see the faces and the smiles of these kids. Totally made our day :-)

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  1. How cool, Donna! So nice and thoughtful of them to send you the photos, too.