Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Call This Fun?

The night before Thanksgiving most people are busy preparing for tomorrow's festivities.
Baking, cleaning, decorating.
Not me.
This is what our family was doing the night before Thanksgiving.


Yup! We hit the gym.


Let me explain....I did a spin class yesterday with some friends while the kids swam in the pool at the gym. After the class the kids noticed that there were little iddy biddy kids size stationary bikes and after asking the instructor about kids coming to the classes she assured me that they were very welcome.
So....all day today it has been...
"Can we go to a spin class with you, Mum? Can we? Huh? Can we? Pleeeease Can we? Huh, Mum, Can we go?"
It's not unlike the Chinese water torture...slowly, bit by bit, wearing me down.
So off we go to the gym.


I was fully expecting the kids to last all of about 5 minutes before they lost interest.
I was waiting for Jack to give me THAT look. You know the "look"
"Is this it?". "Is this ALL you do? Just peddle and peddle and don't go anywhere???" BORING!
But I was pleasantly surprised.
They really stuck at it! I think it had a lot to do with the fact that our friends came with their kids too AND there was a big mirror so they could check themselves out as they cycled.


I'm really proud of all of them. They stuck at it for 30 minutes straight...and it was a pretty tough class. With 15 minutes left, they decided they would take a dip in the pool to cool off, except for Ciara who was determined to hang on till the end.
The outcome...we all had a great time AND we we can enjoy our turkey today totally guilt free!


  1. We are SO VIRTUOUS right!? ;) hahaha!! Now pass me the stuffing. :P

    That was so fun and I hope to spin with you guys many more times this winter! :)

    Good job kids!

    p.s. I might steal some of these photos for my blog. ;)

  2. This is SO awesome! Looks like they all had a great time and you got some fabulous photos. Just looking at them, makes me sore. lol

    Just wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you're all doing well!

  3. I thought it looked like you had a couple extra kids in there! Good for you for taking them to spin class and for them for sticking with it. Now I just need to get my rear end on my exercise bike and follow your example. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.