Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stealing From Oprah


I have to tell you...I'm not an Oprah fan.
Oh I think she's inspiring and all but her show is about as exciting to me as watching grass an Oprah fan I am not!
But...I do think she has some great ideas...well her or the one of the hundreds of people she employs to come up with good ideas.

And so as we come to the end of another year I think I will steal one of Oprah's ideas.
Her annual "Favorite Things List".

So without any further ado I introduce to you...

Donna's Favorite Things of 2009.

{thunderous applause}
..thank-you, thank-you...
I'm sure you are all breathless with anticipation!

Favorite Thing # 10: Nespresso CoffeeMaker.


Matt tried to convince me for months that we needed a new coffee maker.
That our existing drip filter coffee machine made coffee that tasted like dirty water.
I was blissfully unaware of the actual flavor of the coffee until one day when we ran out of flavored coffee creamer and I had to drink my coffee...{gulp} with plain, old milk.
(I know ...I can just hear your horrified gasps).
So after months of resisting I finally agreed to buy a new one.
Now all of you who know my hubby are well aware that he doesn't just go out and randomly buy ANYTHING.
Everything must be researched and compared.
And as usual he did an awesome job.
This machine makes the BEST coffee...honestly I haven't had a "store made" coffee or used coffee creamer since we bought it.

Favorite Thing # 9,8 &7 - Homeschooling


Why is this 3 favorite things in one you may ask?
Because embarking on our homeschool adventure this year has allowed me to spend time with 3 of my most favorite things in the kids.
I can't tell you the number of times I've bumped into someone at the store and they ask me how homeschooling is going.
Am I sick of it yet?
Are my kids driving me crazy?
Do I feel like I need a break?
The answers are always the, no and no.
So far homeschooling has been such a wonderful, liberating learning experience for our whole family and we are just LOVING it.

Favorite Thing # 6 - My Cervelo


This is truly bike love.
She is just the most splendid thing on two wheels.
Thanks to the hideously cold temps were are experiencing in Spokane at the moment though she will remain housebound through the winter and is relegated to the stationery trainer until it starts to warm up.
The upside is that there is something pretty cool about being able to ride 20 miles on your bike AND watch T.V at the same time!
Oh..and before you ask...yes...they are my shoes clipped into the peddles.
This being the lazy person's way of making sure they don't lose their bike shoes.

Favorite Thing # 5: Organic Wine


I really stink at picking a good wine.
Unless I've tried it and I know what it tastes like I usually just pick something based on the cuteness of the label..(yeah...we're talking a real connoisseur here).
But Matt and I stumbled upon this fantastic organic wine.
We took the Merlot to a wine tasting party with some friends and it won...which was a surprise to everyone including me!

Favorite Thing # 4: Brooks Running Shoes


Being a newbie runner there are SO many tempting things out there that have me drooling..the Garmin 405 GPS watch, compression socks and Clif Shot Roks just to name a few.
But the best thing that I think you can invest in is a really good pair of running shoes.
We have an awesome shoe store here in town called Runners Soul and they measures and fit me for my first real pair of running shoes. Apparently I overpronate when I run...which means I roll my foot in...and so they fit me with this great pair of Brooks that provide support and stabilize my foot to help prevent injuries.
Who'd have guessed that there was so much to think about when you are buying a pair of shoes.

Favorite Thing # 3: Winter Warmers


You're all aware of my uber-stylishness...NOT!
But I have found a couple of things that I am loving so far this winter.
One in this Salomon soft shell jacket.
It's warm without being bulky, wind resistant and fits like an absolute glove.
I have been virtually living in this jacket so far this winter.

Favorite Thing # 2 : Chocolate


This one needs no explanation.
My mantra is ...

"There is no BAD chocolate. There is only varying degrees of awesomeness!"

Favorite Thing # 1 {otherwise known as most favorite thing of the year}: My hubby

IMG_8915 it was neck and neck between the hubby and the chocolate but I knew that if chocolate came in second on my list of favorite things IT would still speak to me.
Not sure the same thing could be said about the hubster if he had come in second to chocolate!

All jokes aside...he did turn 40 this year.
Still babe-ilicious for an old guy, we have been together for nearly 20 years...and after all this time he still manages to make me giddy {don't tell him though....a girl's gotta play hard to get ya know}.
So with a record like that he HAS to be number one.
(I wonder if Stedman made Oprah's list or not this year....the poor guy has probably lost all hope)


  1. LOVE the top 10 list!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! And love that you have nothing but GOOD things to say about homeschooling your kids!! People always talk to me during summer break about how my kids must be driving me crazy... um... No, they aren't. I love it and I mourn when summer ends. :)

    Anyhow... love the list!!! :)

  2. I love your list. And your hubby has such cute eyes. I love laugh lines on eyes as people grow *ahem* older. It means they are joyful people, and that' good.
    And I like that indoor bike trainer thingy. Pretty cool.

  3. I love your idea (stolen from Ophrah or otherwise)! I might have to steal the idea from you, too. Totally jealous of your bike. My son borrowed my bike for a couple of years and I was jonesing for a new one. He brought it back this summer, minus the seat that had been stolen. Who steals bike seats??