Thursday, December 31, 2009

NY resolution


As the last few hours of the year dwindle away I look back and feel a twinge of sadness that 2009 is nearly gone. 
It was a great year. 
 Lots of big changes for us....but there always seems to be change. 
Nothing ever stays the same. 
 And 2010 looms in front of us.
Full of promise.
New travels and adventures await.
And so as customary at this time I find myself assessing my goals for the past year and setting new ones for the next.  I'm not much for NY resolutions...losing weight, eating better, being more fiscally responsible..whatever.
The kids suggested I give up chocolate. 
STEADY..that's just crazy talk.
So after much thought I have decided on a very simple resolution. 
Just 3 letters.
Yep...that's it....Joy!
I'm going to try to look for the joy in all the things that I do. 
Sometimes, I think that joy comes easily, naturally, when we are doing something we love or that's easy but cleaning bathrooms or doing laundry....not so much.  But that will be my challenge. To step back, change my attittude and look for the joy.
Already I have decided its just the right resolution for me.  Matt and I were moving furniture this afternoon...and let me just say that there was much muttering and agitation going on.
"Find the joy, Donna"
That's my catch phrase for the year. 
In other resolution news...the kids and I have started " A K a day". 
For 2010 we are going to try and run a kilometre every day.  Matt joined us for our inaugural run around the neighborhood.  The kids enjoyed it however Jack did ask about half way through the run..."Why didn't you bring snacks?"


  1. Wow, what stunning pictures you have on your blog! Great to know of another Aussie in the NW - one that doesn't work on a ski hill ;) Here's to a JOYful 2010 for you!

  2. Haha! Jack! A boy after my own heart! ;)

    Great goal for this year Donna! So mature!

    Mine of course involves giving up chocolate. :{ Well, chocolate + coffee. Goodbye Mochas. Heaven in a cup. :) That's the January Goal. Each month will have a goal/habit to work on so that's exciting. :)

    It was fun experiencing 2009 with you! Here's to a JOYFUL 2010!!

  3. Your Jack brings me joy - I love the way he thinks! Wishing you a joyful new year, Donna. That's really an awesome resolution. I've been visiting around the blogs and reading other people's resolutions, or anti-resolutions, and thinking I'm not being very pro-active in that regard. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  5. OOoh I love your resolution :) :) Simple yet effective :) :) And totally reasonable (unlike giving up chocolate haha). Have a joyful 2010, and I LOVE THAT PHOTO! Wow.

  6. What an amazing image. Have never seen a fireworks shot like this one, way to go!