Friday, January 15, 2010

Does this really count as P.E?


Does this count as P.E?
If your a homeschooler it does.
The kids started their ski and snowboard lessons today as part of the Silver Mountain Homeschool Ski program along with about 200 other homeschooled kids.
This will be the first of 8 weeks of lessons and Friday skiiing...such a great way to end the week.
Conditions were really gusty on the mountain today. At one point Jack and I were actually blown off the magic carpet but despite the challenging conditions they had a ball and really enjoyed their lessons.
They can all easily out-ski me already so by the end of the 8 weeks I will be "bringing up the rear" when we hit the slopes.


And after all that skiing we decided a visit to the indoor water park was a "MUST.
Here are some pictures of the Silver Mountain Indoor Water Park. It's a pretty cool place.


We just about had it to ourselves which was surprising considering it was Friday.



We made the most of it...I'm guessing everyone will be sleeping well here tonight.


  1. oh man, that water park looks like FUN!!!

  2. That's a cool water park. What fun to do two extremes in one day!

  3. I want to be homeschooled!! ;) SO FUN!

  4. The mountain and the water - looks like so much fun. I haven't been to Kellogg in a very long time - didn't realize there even was a water park. Snowboarding and skiing sure beats regular old p.e.!

  5. What a great day for your kids. When I went to a small private school in MA, we used to go cross-country skiing once a week for PE. It was always the highlight of our week.

    And the water park looks amazing.

  6. PE was always my favorite class :) wow! what great fun!

    Happy you popped over to my blog! so it is so cool to find another hsmom who runs too! :)

    my friend josha is also a 40 something homeschooling mom and runs..... she is on my side bar :) (she is amazing!)

    have a GREAT day! :)

  7. Hey! I wanna join your PE class. Thanks for stopping by my fitness blog. It's great to see other crazy people like myself, homeschooling and running and running and homeschooling!

  8. that water park sounds GREAT!!!But I do have one question. Why is there a water park at a ski place? Even though it does seem a bit strange, I wish they had stuff like that here in oz!