Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time to Get Serious.....Seriously


So you may remember that last year I committed to doing a triathlon this year.  I won't go into the fact that I may have been under the influence of alcohol but regardless I filled out the entry form and paid my money.  Committed.

No that stage the triathlon was a year away and I still had plenty of time.  Being the planner that I am I started walking on the treadmill to get into a little bit of shape ....and then finally after about 2 months I tentatively went for my first run.  It was actually a run/walk but whatever, it was faster that my usual pace.  I honestly had no intention of doing anything except making it through this triathlon thing without ending up in the ER...not bad for a race plan right! So I was as surprised as anyone when I actually started to....dare I say it...ENJOY this whole exercise thing.  Crazy!

So here we are in March.  Somewhere between last summer and now I have also committed to a second triathlon, 2 half marathons and possibly a full marathon this year. And no...I wasn't under the influence of alcohol when I signed up for any of these other races. 

So along with all the other riveting goings on in the Melville household you will now be subjected to my intermittent training reports.  I are just on the edge of your seat in anticipation. 


So this morning I headed out early to the Centennial trail for 11 miles.  Matt snapped these pictures of me this morning.  You can see me trying to hide my morning hair unsuccessfully under my cap.  Garmin...check.  Fuel belt...check.  Fluids...check.  Nutrition...check. And off I go. 

After I got home I had my first ice bath....brrrrr.  But my legs are thanking me now.  11 miles in the bag.


  1. Yay you!

    I've put my name in the lottery for the New York City marathon. I'll know in two weeks if I have an entry. If I do, the serious training will begin.

  2. Way to go! You've caught the bug.

    I have my second half marathon in about 3 weeks. I am grossly underprepared this time, as compared to the last time (September). I had a nightmare last week that I showed up an hour late to the race. I was frantic!

    My friend who was going to race with me just told me today that she's out because of some major heel pain. So I am going to be doing this on my own. I'm all of a sudden scared!

  3. You Are My Hero.

    We ran 3 miles on the trail today. I had my headphones. And all I could think of was you out there alone, early in the AM, with no ipod, for 11 miles.

    I BOW. And I for one LOVE the training blog posts!!

  4. Donna

    It was nice to have you at the Tri this last weekend and keep up the work outs. You will enjoy Teamblaze as it has some really fun things in store over the next few months.

    My wife and I homeschooled our 5 children. So we have something else in common. good to see you this weekend and hope to see you at some more training sessions.