Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yeah...I know...ANOTHER update!


Yeah, yeah I know....I have been a bad blogger.  Bad Donna...bad, bad Donna.

I guess life has been getting in the way of my blogging.

These update posts are starting to become the norm for me.

Firstly to explain my blog moving....hopefully this is only temporary.  Blogger has very thoughtfully decided to discontinue supporting FTP publishing which iswhat I use to publish my blog to my website.  So until I figure out how to publish it to my site some other way I have had to transfer it back to its original blogspot address. is not my friend :-(


(Surprise, surprise...our usual photographer in front of the camera for a change)
So back to our regular's all about skiing and snowboarding here.  We are coming to the end of our 9 weeks of Friday ski and snowboarding lessons.  We have been taking Fridays off from regular school work to head up to Silver can see why homeschooling is a BIG hit in our house.  The kids have made a heap of friends and have just LOVED honing their skiing and boarding skills.  And to make the last day extra good Matt took the day off work and joined us. The weather was beautiful...50' and sunny...and Mother Nature had been kind enough to deposit 4 or 5" of fresh powder for us the night before. NICE.


If you can stand the camera jiggling around here is a fun video that Matt took yesterday.  It really highlights the typical mayhem of our ski days.  We always have at least a half dozen other kids and adults skiing and boarding with us. Yes...ALL the kids you can see in this video are skiing with us.  Can tend to make the process a little bit like derby car racing...lots of mayhem, crashes and  F.U.N.

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