Friday, May 28, 2010

Its All About the Food


Ever feel like your life revolves around the food?

This week seems like it has been a bit of a foodie week in our house. 

Jack requested a special cake for his birthday last week.  He is a big Scooby Doo fan and wanted the Mystery Machine, so Ciara and Max set out to make it themselves. Very admirable considering my suggestion was to just get one from the Fred Meyer bakery.  (What a lazy Mum I am).


 So Ciara baked all the cakes, piled them up, found a recipe for fondant and then she and Max went about making and coloring all the fondant. The only help we gave was placing the blue fondant on the cake as it was really large and heavy.  They did an awesome job and Jack was thrilled....and the cake tasted pretty good too!  Look out Duff and Ace of Cakes!


This week we also took a field trip to a local restuarant for a tour of the kitchens and a behind the scenes look at how a restaurant operates.  Tomato St on Division has been there for 16 years and has recently been refurbished.  The food is fantastic...( we were allowed to sample)...and it really is a very kid friendly are given colored pizza dough and raw pasta necklaces to play with and they can draw on the tablecloths while they wait for their meal.  Parent heaven!

So after an overindulgent week of eating, do I feel any guilt.  Um, that's the upside of all this swim, bike, run training. 


  1. All that food looks scrumptious! That cake turned out fantastic - kudos to the chefs.

  2. Oh my goodness my daughter would LOVE that cake. She ADORES Scooby Doo! Great job!

  3. That cake is awesome. Do they take special orders?

  4. That is the cutest birthday cake I have ever so cute..