Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacation - Part 2


So after a 10 hour flight we arrived in Fiji. My first impressions....beautiful, hot and tropical. We had a car pick us up at the airport because we had NO idea where our hotel was and I am SO glad we did. The roads there were awful...one giant pothole...and it appears that only the locals are privy to the road rules. From what I could glean from the passenger seat you either go fast or stop. That is apparently all a driver need know how to do.

Anyway after a 2 hour drive and growing a whole new patch of gray hairs we arrived at our hotel. When we pulled into the drive we all sighed. Oh I really felt like I was on vacation now. The resort was absolutely fantastic...right on the beach...great pool...nice big, cool rooms....you could do everything or nothing.


After exploring the resort a little we saw a guest wedding there...very cool. What a great place to get married.


We went and explored the beaches while we waited for the rest of our extended family to arrive from Europe and Australia.


Finally...after concerns that some of our family would be stuck in Rome thanks to the cloud of volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano...FINALLY...everyone arrived.

Now, time to get busy doing a serious amount of nothing.

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