Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Part 1 - Starting in the Middle


Now if you are not related to me,  I advise you to skip the next 3 posts.  Yes...I am being self indulgent but its my blog and I can do whatever I want. 
I often posts pics here about what our family has been doing and the places we've been going.  But for a lot of my relatives who rarely, if ever get to actually see us in the flesh, the details are fleeting and scant and they feel like they are missing out on getting to know their little nieces/ nephews/ cousins.  So I'm going to devote the next 3 posts to my kids. 

If you are a middle child you will know just how tough it is to be one.  Too old for some things and too young for others.  You rarely get anything first, but you never get spoiled like the baby of the family.  You never get to be the boss when Mum and Dad aren't home but you are almost always held responsible when something goes wrong.  Being the middle child is tough so you'll be pleased to know that I am throwing convention out the door and starting in the middle.


He is athletic, tenacious and is always asking questions.  His friend Aaron says that he would make a great FBI agent.  He makes friends easily and is able to find common ground with just about anyone.  Thanks to Max we have met some awesome people who have become great friends.


He is always able to find something to keep himself busy...building a go cart, making a bow and arrow. You can usually find Max at the end of a trail of wood chips and bent nails.  

He is a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of person.  He rarely reads assembly instructions preferring to figure things out for himself.  He has a wicked sense of humor and shares my competitive spirit

fiji boys 2

He is the family dare devil.  He is always up for a new challenge and has the ability to really push himself way out of his comfort zone. Rollercoasters, black diamond runs on his snowboard, kneeboarding, learning to shoot a shotgun....there is nothing that he will not try.   I'm not sure where that comes from but its definitely NOT from me.

After we had our first child, Matt and I were certain that we had this parenting thing down.  But Max was sent to teach us a thing or two.....and he continues to teach us something new every day.  He is a joy and a challenge...and I wouldn't have it any other way :-)

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