Friday, August 27, 2010

Part 3 - Last, Last, Lucky Last


If you are still with me after the last 2 posts I know you are either related to me or very tolerant...probably both. So at last, we get to the one who was first.  Who broke us in as parents and broke ground for the 2 others that came after her.  The one who taught us that sleepless nights were worth the loss of every brain cell and that nothing could be more wonderful then adding that extra person to our little family.



Sensitive, creative, intelligent, witty.  She has a remarkable memory and knows more trivia then anyone else I've met.  I have made a mental note to never play trivial pursuit with her....EVER.  She is loyal and kind and despite the fact that she loathes confrontation she is willing to stick her neck out if its the right thing to do.  I have never had to worry about peer pressure with her...she is so responsible that she sometimes tells me that my behaviour is inappropriate.  Did I mention bossy?  Well...just a little :-)


Ciara is uniquely selfless....she is always the first to give up her seat , her icecream, her place in line for someone else.  She is a nurturer, a carer...if she could just stand the sight of blood she would make a great doctor.


She taught Matt and I how to be parents.  How to be more than a married couple.  She taught us how to be a family.  In so many ways she is the link that holds the family together.  She is the bridge between this generation and the next.  If she is the future, then the future looks bright :-)

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