Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yes, You Can Choose Your Family


Let me just say that I LOVE my family. I love my brothers, I've been blessed with sisters-in-law that are like the sisters I never had and all my nephews and neices are my favorite kids in the world..( besides my own of course). But the only problem with my family is that they live about 8,000 miles away.

So this Christmas we spent the afternoon with our adopted family. These people are more than just friends and neighbors. They have opened up their homes and hearts to us and made us feel like we are part of their family.  They even agreed to a few Australian traditions including opening Christmas bonbons and wearing our funny paper hats for a family picture. 

christmas feast

So we talked,we shared,we laughed AND we feasted.

Is this the best turkey you have ever seen? And it tasted as good as it looked. Yum!


And we reflected on just how fortunate we are.


  1. Great looking Turkey - and love those Aussie style - Christmas hats/crowns...I always forget that difference! Glad you could enjoy a wonderful Christmas with friends, Happy New Year for a few days time (I have this annual habit of calling my folks in oz on NY Eve to tell them "I'm calling from last year". They don't get it, but for some reason I crack myself up :) )

  2. Looks like an American turkey, hehe

  3. Cherelli's comment cracked me up. I want a round-the-world relative to call me and say they're calling from next year!

    I love seeing you and Michelle's family together. I want to come visit y'all!

  4. I love this post SO much! And I ADORE this picture!!! :)

    We love you so much.

  5. Luv the antenna growing out of your head Donna, well done Jack!