Thursday, May 5, 2011


This post is really just a whole lot of random things that I really should post separately but I just can't seem to get around to it lately. So here is a little summary snapshot of the last few weeks.

Easter.Of course there was also a lot of chocolate eating which makes it perhaps my favorite holiday.


My lovely brother sent us a package full of Easter eggs and some Australian flag tattoos to help us celebrate Anzac Day.


Soccer, soccer and more soccer....what can I say about that.

This week was picture day after the game.Smiling is obviously somewhat of a challenge for young boys.For some reason its hard to get it right.


And yes....this IS a faux hawk that Max is sporting.  Since Matt cuts the boys hair I'm never sure exactly what kind of hairstyle they will end up with until they step out of the bathroom.  It could have been worse...he could have been bald just in time for picture day!

Speaking of my husband, apart from been the hairstylist of the family he is also the baker.  He can make his own bread...FROM scratch. No cheating with a bread machine here. And it was SO good. We demolished this whole loaf as soon as it came out of the oven.


Bloomsday  has come and gone.  A 12km race here is Spokane.  I think there were around 50,000 runners and walkers this year. I ran it.  The kids and Matt walked it.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I think that part of it was that we scored a beautiful, sunny day.  A total surprise considering that this is what it looked like outside my house a day before.


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  1. First and most importantly, thank you for switching your header photo from snow to beach. I believe it is SOLELY responsible for the better weather we've been having.

    Second, why must life be so busy? Shouldn't it be filled with BBQ's and margaritas and crazy harebrained scheming?

    Third, I want some homemade bread now.