Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes


Memorial Day here in the U.S is the long weekend that really seems to kick off summer. Everyone who owns a boat dusts it off and heads out on the lake, people are out walking their dogs and mowing their lawn.  Winter is officially over on Memorial Day.  This year....not so much.


But we have been moaning about our pitiful Spring for weeks now and this weekend seemed to be the time to just forget about the weather and get out there anyway.

A family and friends bike ride along the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes seemed like just the thing. Some participants were a little less than enthusiastic but after a little coersion convincing they agreed to come along all the same. I think the location was a big drawcard although the promise of a donut stop may have been the clincher. The trail  itself is over 70 miles of paved path beginning at the southern tip of Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho and runs nearly all the way across to Montana.


Because of the wide spread of ages we decided to ride a small, fairly flat portion of the trail that ran along the edge of the lake.  We drove to the trailhead at Heyburn state park and biked up to Harrison where we stopped for coffee and donuts and then turned around and rode back.  A total distance of about 16 miles.


The water level in the lake was super high.{So...THAT is where all our rain and snow has ended up.} There were lots of submerged logs and debris in the lake and washed up on the shore. The Marina at Harrison was flooded and there were no boats out on the lake at all. You can see the fee station and dock at the marina are partly submerged.


 There was still lots to see though...a family of turtles swimming in the lake, some Great Blue Herons..(or GBH's for those in the know)...and an interesting sculpture kept us entertained along the way.


 I'm hoping this first group ride of the season sends Mother Nature the message and she now realizes that she better get her giddy up otherwise we will be holding summer without her.  Hopefully with more fun rides and loads more donuts.



  1. Looks like a fine way to start the summer.

    We spent the day at our lake place, where the water was glacially cold, which was good because the temps were hovering at 100.

  2. That's our plan. With or without her we are running full steam ahead into summer. We want to do the Cataldo to Harrison leg of the Trail next time. We're thinking in two weeks or so. :)

  3. Hearing you on the "where is Summer?" thing....please may those weeks of sunshine be just a few days away!!