Thursday, July 14, 2011

Up at the Cabin


Catching up from the July 4th weekend we spent up at the lake. The weather had been disappointing leading up to the holiday but the July 4th weekend turned out to be perfect.  Sunny, warm and no rain. Yay!

It seems to be the time everyone comes out on the lake.  There are lots of fun things to do.  I think this might be the boys favorite weekend of the year.  Its the only time they are allowed to get their hands on these....

Fireworks..(these 2 don't look like trouble do they????)


The fireworks were being let off from 9:00am till midnight.  and when they weren't doing that there was plenty of other things to keep them busy.

Catching crawdads.....




Swimming...(yes this was before the broken foot)


Watching the Boat parade....


Ciara and I spent our time reading and hanging out on the grass in the shade and Matt not being one to relax spent his time fixing things and trying to get the new squirrel resident out of our cabin roof. 

Final score...Squirrel 1 - Matt 0.


  1. One of these days, Mr. Squirrel...

  2. Looks lovely. We skipped the lake this year because it was too hot to even venture outside. Plus, all fireworks were banned due to fire risk.

  3. I can't believe the size of that crawdad!! We grew up with a lake cabin in Laclede (on the Pend Orielle River) and NEVER saw one of those things. Weird.

    And Max's face in the firework shot SCARES me. ;)

  4. you are really turning into a great photographer! i love the crawdad picture - down in the south we call those crawdaddies! did you eat it? glad the weather cooperated with you.