Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This past weekend was one of my favorite races of the year.  Valleygirl is a great local triathlon for women only.  Lots of local support and plenty of friendly faces. I look forward to this race because is just so stinking fun. 

This post is a little picture heavy to save from boring all the non triathlon folk to death. And excuse me being so self indulgent....there are way too many pictures of me on here.  But there were a lot of friends out on the course taking pictures along with Matt and Ciara so for a change I actually have lots of photos.


Some of the guys from our team turned out to support us and took a team photo before the start. I have to tell you that my triathlon team is the BOMB.  Really.  I totally lucked into this group.  I didn't know anyone when I joined and they welcomed me like a family member.  We train together and we have fun together. And when some of the team is racing others turn out to cheer us on.  Regardless of whether you are first, last or somewhere in between  they make you feel like a rockstar.


Before the race there was some discussion about water temps, wetsuit vs non-wetsuit swim etc. There was talk of the race director shortening the swim because of cold water temps but it turned out to be unnecessary.


Out of the swim and onto the bike,  I spent a long time in transition doing I don't know what.  I thought I was fast but apparently not.


Coming back in off the bike I was the first one to rack my bike in my age group and I knew that there were a lot of much faster runners who would be chasing me down.  So I spent the entire 5 km run in the pain cave  trying to make sure they didn't catch up to me.

Finally the finish line!!!!


I had my awesome cheer team there who helped me make it over the line.


If you are wondering where Max and Jack are....well that's a whole other post.


And the team masseuse giving post race massages....ahhhhhh!


This was the team picture after the race....yes there was a lot of bling  amongst Team Blazers.


I was lucky enough to hold off all those fast runners and ended up 1st in my Age group and 12th overall.



  1. You drive me BANANAS with your modesty! The title of this post should've been EAT MY DUST!!! ;) Oh wait, that's not very nice.

    Maybe: EAT MY DUST, PLEASE. ;)

    Congratulations to the fastest VG I know! :)

  2. Great job Donna! It's fun as coach to see athletes that train consistently reap the benefit of their efforts! Thank you for all you do as the Team Blaze membership coordinator and providing all the awesome Facebook updates!

    See you at the pool!
    Coach Scott

  3. That is so amazing, Aunty Donna. I reckon that the rig-out worn by your cheer squad must've helped somehow (especially Ciara's hat)