Friday, June 24, 2011

Heart of an Ironman

Below  is a link to a segment that aired last night on our local news station here in Spokane.  It's about the journey of a couple of friends from my triathlon team - Coach Scott Roy who along with his wife founded our team and a team mate Phil Sandifur.  Both of them are toeing the line this Sunday at Ironman Coeur d'Alene after having to endure life saving heart surgery. To say that they are inspiring and amazing is an understatement. I see these guys a couple of times a week....working out, laughing, training and having fun.  Who would have known that everyday people can be heroes. {and yes...I am in there briefly...I am a couple of people from the right in the group shots...I am the only one looking to the side in the photo}

Heart of an Ironman

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  1. Bah! That made me cry. What an amazing journey for both of those guys. And what a lucky team to have them.

    AND... it makes me feel so happy to see Coach riding a Scott! Move over Cervelo. ;)