Monday, June 20, 2011

Open Water Swimming

I've been working on my swimming. Pool swimming that is. Now the weather is starting to warm up I've had to face my nemesis. Open water swimming. Sounds straight forward. But unfortunately for me its a whole other ball game. I can't see the bottom.I can't see what else is swimming in there with me. Oy...what a mind game.

And so I figure I just have to get out there and do it enough times that it becomes just as easy as swimming in the pool. Yeah....brilliant plan huh!

So luckily for me my tri club organizes group open water swims. So out I went to Medical Lake....really hoping just to survive the first one. I was glad to see one of our great club members had volunteered to man the kayak just in case. Most of the other swimmers out there were getting ready for Ironman so they have been doing some serious OWS.

So the short story is I survived. It wasn't a great swim or even a good one. The water was murky and cold but I didn't drown. So that's score one for me! We followed up the swim with 20 mile bike ride which helped me warm up again until the rain came down. Nothing like Spokane in the springtime! Anyway, I plan to be out there again on Wednesday for the first of a series of practice sprint triathlons that the club puts another OWS is on the cards for me.{Thanks to my friend Suzanne who took these pics and made sure our gear didn't get stolen while we were out swimming}

Just on a side note, a local tv station KHQ6 sent a reporter out to our swim to film and interview team members doing the upcoming IM.  They plan to air a segment on the team every day this week leading up to the Ironman race on Sunday, so if you live in Spokane keep an eye out for the team on Channel 6.


  1. Having grown up at the beach, open water swimming doesn't bother me in the least.

    But water cold enough that you need wetsuits? That's a whole different story.

  2. Truly I understand the mind game. Murky water. UGH. Makes me cringe. The random piece of water weed that touches the leg unexpectedly is enough to make me bolt straight up out of the water.

    I'm sure you did AWESOME. :)

  3. I know exactly how you feel, Aunty Donna. I get so scared when I go swimming in open water (it's a wonder I can surf) but at least you did it. Sheesh, I couldn't :).


  4. i totally agree with the mind game approach to open water swimming. my mind says no and my body quickly obeys! esp. lake and river water. not only are you brave in my book, but obviously at a level of determination and discipline i can only hope to achieve! good work!