Tuesday, September 20, 2011


One of the things about this summer that the kids enjoyed the most would have had to be this little guy....his name is Homer. 


He came into our lives as a foster puppy. 

Ciara wanted to volunteer at the animal shelter and she wasn't old enough to be able to do it by herself.  So instead we decided to sign up as a foster family for dogs that were too young for the animal shelter.

Homer came to us as an abandoned pup when he was five weeks old...Yummm...couldn't you just eat him up!



The kids totally took ownership of looking after him. They fed him, trained him and cleaned up after him.


They took turns looking after him at night and even got up at night to potty him. Occasionally we would come down in the morning to discover scenes like this.


He may also have been a little spoiled...but only a little.


This was Homer when we first got him...


and this is what he looked like the day he left when he was 10 weeks old.


The good news is that he was adopted on the day he left our house...so no lonely nights at the shelter for Homer. He is now part of a family that loves him as much as we did. In fact they called the shelter recently to ask them to pass on their thanks to us for doing such a great job training him.
Total happy ending.



  1. As much as I love the idea, I could never be a foster parent for an animal. I'd end up wanting to keep it. And then I'd become the crazy cat/dog lady on the street yelling at the kids to stay off her lawn.

    And the picture of your son asleep with the dog is priceless.

  2. That last shot makes me SO HAPPY! It's gorgeous and it just gives me so much pride. Cause I like to take credit for how awesome your kids are. ;)

    I love and miss that puppy but what an amazing experience for your family (and TMC). I'm looking forward to the NEXT pup!!!

  3. Even after all the little 'surpises' that he left, I still miss him. Good luck, Puddy!!!