Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mud Wrestling

OK...so that title is a little deceiving but it got your attention didn't it!

In July we headed over to North Bend with the usual suspects to do the Warrior Dash. An obstacle course style race with lots of mud, fire and potentially hazardous obstacles to climb over, slide down and jump through. It seemed like a fun race to do back in January when we all signed up for it but as the race day approached I think there were some questions about the wisdom of what we had gotten ourselves into.

We had our game faces on...


We had our official photographer...


The flaming start line...check out the ominous clouds in the background. Yikes...I was a little scared as we waited at the start.


And we're off


Climbing the rope ladder and then jumping over the flames.we are SO hard core!


Through the barbed wire covered mud pit


Matt was our teams officially mud extractor


After we got out we had a quick hose down from the fire truck ( or was it the public sanitation truck I can't remember) and it was time to congratulate ourselves that we actually survived


I like her kind of crazy...still smiling right to the end.


We made it...woohooo!


And this was us after...( yes I know it looks like I am missing an arm but the course wasn't THAT hazardous).  This race turned out to be an obsolute blast if for no other reasons than I got to do something outrageous with my favorite group of friends!



  1. Terry helped us get rid of all the neanderthals who didn't understand that our ez-up is not a public theatre.

  2. I don't know who the real warriors were... Us muddy people... or our spectators who had to fight off the crazy crowds. Either way it was AWESOME!

  3. Nice "Hook'em Horns" you're showing there.

    I've always wanted to do a race like that, but I've never been brave enough.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun, Donna! Hope all is well.