Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kids Triathlon

{I think I may need to take running lessons from Jack.  His form is so much better than mine its embarrassing} this will be my last summer related post and then we will be all caught up.

As the tri season came to a close, my Triathlon club organized a kids triathlon at our team gym.  I made the medals and went along to help out on the day.  The boys competed and we had so much fun.

 It was around 95 degrees that day.  An absolute scorcher so these guys had tough conditions to compete in but they all did an amazing job.

This little guy had a crash on his bike but he was so brave. I don't think I saw a single tear. If it had have been me I would have been wailing and bawling from all the road rash and blood.  But his Mom was right there to patch him up AND she doubled as the team photographer for the day. Talk about multi tasking!

So that's a wrap for summer 2011. The weather seems to have turned and we have had rain all week, so I know that cold weather is just around the corner.  Good bye were awesome :-)


  1. Good Job to everyone!!! It looked hard doing that in the weather that we had...Though the volunteers/parents probably sweated just as much!!!

  2. All I remember was that it WAS a scorcher.

    Those days are long gone.