Monday, November 14, 2011

A Week in Our Life.

Have you ever felt that your life goes by in a blur sometimes.  That one week somehow blends into the next. I always tend to feel this way as we head into November. All of a sudden it is nearly the end of the year. How did that happen?

Now I am not a person that sees the point of being busy just for the sake of it but sometimes when you have kids it seems like busy is unavoidable. So in an effort to reduce the "blur" I thought I'd take my camera with me for a week and record our life. Kind of like a snapshot of our year as we come to a close of 2011. One picture of something that is going on in our household each day for a goes!


School dominates most of our time during the week.  The boys generally get started at homeschool as Ciara heads off to high school.  By 7:30am heads are in books and pencils are out. We have really missed Ciara this year but she is having a blast at CV.

But high school means lots of homework. Ciara's school bag seems so unbelievably heavy with all the text books jammed in it .I'm sure she is headed for some permanent back injury. We weighed her bag the other day. It weighs 30 pounds.



The boys hit the pool for their weekly swim team at the YMCA. This week they got to ride the water slides at the end of practice



Now its my turn to get wet.  In the evening I head out to the gym to swim with my tri team. As my coach says..."Misery loves company", so true!


We are lovers of science. I think it is the boys favorite subject. This week they were studying protozoa  so we got some live samples and looked at them under the microscope. Kept them busy for hours.  Way better then TV!



Mercifully there was no school today.  Veterans Day. 

So we decided it was the perfect time to deliver some blankets we had made over the summer for a couple of local charities.


And of course in the mix is a myriad of scout meetings, religious education classes, music and art lessons and a whole lot of other things that fill our time.  Sometimes I need to just step back and find the quiet.

And then it is time to chillax....and enjoy our first hint that winter is on the way. 



  1. I totally hear you on the unavoidable busyness that seems to permeate despite our best efforts to keep things calm.

    On the bright side I'm sort of happy we missed that first snow (we were in rainy Seattle). ;)

  2. Goodness I sense how busy it can get with kids growing up; do you find you too learn a lot by home-schooling? And yep...winter is definitely here, the mountains look beautiful and white today...bring on another great ski season....(although we are doing the "Aussie escape" over Christmas) - enjoy your quiet moments!