Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites

My favorite things this Friday:

1 - Sun.

Lying it in - {if you're my dog}


Running in it - a great confidence building run {read negative split - yay!}  in the sunshine yesterday.

And hopefully riding in it tomorrow. 

2 - Yummy treats

Banana muffins - made by me


Aussie meat pies - made by Matt


Creative cookies - made by a creative cookie genius. { obviously NOT me}. Which leads me to the final Friday favorite today

3 - The Team Blaze Kick Off party tonight.

More on this one to come :-)


  1. Your dog looks just like ours!

    And oh my gah I'd kill for a meat pie.

  2. Who you kidding. I know you were laying on the floor next to the dog soaking up the sunshine. Admit it. ;) I do it, too.

  3. I definitely want one of those cookies. I will try to look up the website and see if they can make them for my team. Let me know how the kick off party was...and did you really get to ride your bike on the road? Went further on IM course today....ok so there is a hill to the top of the turn around....I did not make it all the way to turn around cause I had a shorter ride. Once I get to the turn around I will give you a better report.