Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Mantra

post workout
(Thanks to Jack for the sweaty, post workout portrait)

From visiting a number of blogs it has become apparent to me that I need a mantra.

It seems most people training for IM have some kind of inspirational saying that they repeat to themselves during a race or tough workout. Something that they can say to themselves at mile 20 of their IM marathon that keeps them putting one foot in front of the other. Keeps them headed toward the finish line. Something that they repeat during a really tough workout that inspires them not to give up, but to finish what they started.

I'm seen some people using Dory's line from Finding Nemo - "Just keep swimming."

I've seen some pretty serious ones too, like "I am speed" ( a la Lightning McQueen in Cars - hmmmm...I'm sensing a Disney/ kids movie theme developing here) or "I am strong and powerful".  "I am a machine" is another one. That totally cracks me  up.  Obviously the person that uses that one doesn't have a car like mine that chooses to start some days and not others.Actually now that I think about it I am probably a lot like my car but that is not very motivating and so "I am a machine" is not going to work for me.
My coach likes to sing "Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride" to keep in a positive state of mind when the going gets tough. I kinda like that one.

But then I realized that I think I may already have a mantra.  Certainly I repeat it to myself almost every workout and every race I have ever done.  Is it motivating?  Hmmm...well I'm not sure about that but it works? 

My magic mantra??????  " I can do anything for 10 more minutes" Repeat to yourself every 10 mins until the end of the workout, race or until you lose consciousness. Works like  a charm :-)


  1. I like it. I also sing Lady Marmalade to myself (and poor unsuspecting people within hearing range). There's a part about Mocha-Chocalata. I feel like it's just for me. ;)

    Perhaps my choice of motivation needs some real hard looking at. That may not be the best motivation to get through an IM.

    If your 10 more minutes ever stops working you can use "Michelle will give me M&M's at the finish line!" instead. ;)

  2. Love That - Great photo :) Yes, mantras are important I think too! How is everything going? Seems like we have so long, yet not so long to go...