Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bike Fit


I've had my bike for a year and a half now and apart from the basic fit I got when I bought the bike I've never really had a proper bike fit done. Having said that I have always been pretty comfortable on my bike - no real complaints - but with some long distance races coming up I thought now was a good time to dial in the fit and make sure its as close to perfect as it can be.

So thanks to our sponsors at the Bike Hub I was able to finally get it done. Morgan spent a looong time with me taking a ton of measurements, checking angles and rechecking.


My position on the saddle was close.  So he did a bit of fiddling with the seat height and my left cleat position and the result felt like it opened my hips up a little more.  He did a lot more work on my aero bars to flatten out my forearms and keep my back strainght. Let me tell you - he is a VERY patient man.  I think he must have changed the position of my aero bars about 400 times. Secretly he probably wanted to poke me in the eye with his screwdriver but he managed to keep smiling and joking. The final position keeps me aero but allows me a little more breathing room than I had before. { Please try not to stare at my volumptuous chest in this picture - I know it's distracting.}


And the result.....well it seems comfortable riding on the trainer but as soon as it stops snowing ( is STILL snowing here), I'm going to head out for a long ride and give the new fit a proper test. Let's hope it's all dialed in and race ready :-)


  1. So no more kicking yourself in the ribs while you ride? Where's the fun in that? ;)

  2. i'm planning on doing a more involved bike fit in the next month or so. it's amazing how tiny changes can make such big differences, right?

  3. Nice bike! Do you have the saddle that came with it? I still do and it's killing me. Wondering if you found one that was more comfortable.i

  4. Bike fits make SO much feel better! Love that Lululemon top!