Friday, September 21, 2012


It has been a loooong 2 weeks.

OK...let me back up a bit.

At the beginning of August I realized it was time to get some new shoes.  My trusty K-Swiss that had got me through Boise Half Ironman and  2 half marathons this year were worn out.  I checked the kswiss website and they didn't have my favorite shoes available anymore so I decided that instead of just picking any shoe I would go and get properly measured at a local running store.

I took my kswiss with me to the store and showed the sales girl what I had been running in.  Then she watched me walk and run,checked for over/underpronation and suggested a shoe that would work for me.  Of course it was just about the most expensive shoe that they carry, but I thought it would be worth it seeing as I would be running an Ironman marathon in them.

Once I got them home I tried to be smart and for the first 2 weeks only did some short runs in them. After breaking them in I did my first long run in them.  12 miles. At the end of the run the top of my right foot was red and swollen and the pinky toe on my left foot had a massive blood blister. I went to the PT for a visit and brought both my old and new running shoes so he could check them both out.  He suggested staying with the new ones and just loosening up the laces a bit so they didn't rub on the top of my foot. 

Next week my long run was 14 miles and this is where everything came undone.  By the end of my long run I was feeling a sharp pain in the outside lateral part of my left foot.  After the run I iced my foot and tried to tell myself it was just a muscle strain but by the following day I couldn't walk at all.

Being 9 weeks out front IMAZ I started to panic.  My PT got me to have xrays and in to see a sports med doctor who does a lot of work with triathletes (she volunteers at the med tent in Kona every year so she knows her IM stuff).  the first thing she did when she saw my foot was ask...When is the cutoff time for withdrawing from the race.  Hmmm...NOT good.

The short story is that I have torn the peroneal tendons in my foot.  I'm in a boot for 4 weeks and am getting an MRI next week to see if the tear will require surgery.  Bottom line - I'm out of Ironman Arizona.

I can't believe it.

It's hard to come to terms with that seeing as I have been training for this race for nearly a year.  I've followed all my training and I'm fit and in race shape. I have a friend flying in from Australia to watch me race. I have friends coming from Spokane to cheer me on. I can't believe that such a thing as new shoes can change everything.  Initially I beat myself up about it but I really thought I was doing the right thing by going to the running store to get properly fitted.  I thought I was being smart. 

Some friends have encouraged me to still do the race and just walk the marathon but my doctor has warned me that this could cause permanent damage. Because I'm already planning to do Oceanside 70.3 in March I don't want this injury hanging around and messing up that race too.

So I've decided that this week I will be having a major pity party.  My goal is to eat my own body weight in chocolate.  It's a lofty goal but I'm dedicated to achieving it.  My training plan this week:

1 - Wallow in self pity.

2 - Next week - move on!


  1. So sorry to hear that. I tend to avoid running shoe stores for that very reason - the sales people often get a quick lesson that seems to involve more selling techniques vs. fit expertise and off they go. As we get older, we tend to know best what works for us, and we really need to carefully consider before taking the advice of some local runner trying to earn a few bucks between races.

  2. Oh no! I am sooo sorry to hear that - both your injury and that you won't be in AZ as I was looking forward to meeting you. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

    At the risk of alienating one of my closest friends who owns a running shoe store, I have also been given terrible advice from shoe retailers. I have been sold shoes that were labeled as the best for my running style, only to end up with knee injuries. I've been told that the shoes I pick out (which I log many miles in with no problems) couldn't possibly work for me. Frustrating! I totally feel your pain.

  3. You make that boot look HOT, Donna. ;) Way to pull off that look. You are probably going to make Ken jealous with your fancy boot as you will garner more sympathy and attention at the Pity-Party. ;)

    I am committed to cheering you on in your lofty chocolate consumption goal. I will bring my cow bell. :P

    Also, we will kick Oceanside's butt. We will have the last laugh IM.

  4. :( So totally not fair, I'm sorry. There was a woman the first year I did IM AZ who walked the whole run in her boot.

  5. I am heart broken too Donna. Does the doctor think it is from the shoe or could it also have been stress from riding. Sometimes I have pain in that area on the bike. Well, I know this is the ultimate bummer and I agree you should eat a lot of chocolate and I will go buy some in your honor and eat some too and then you will be an Ironman at a later date. We are all starting to deal with overuse syndrome at this point and I had just written on facebook about making it to the start will be victory. I hope you decide to come and get an ok to even come do the favorite part of the day...the might as well make a vacation of it and take it all in from the outside. I think IM should give you priority registration for next year and I think they should give legitimate injuries a transfer or refund. They make too much money to have to keep yours! Anyhow, I am thinking of so so sorry. Keep your head up my friend. Your day will come!

  6. damn, so so sorry to hear the news, Donna! i can only imagine how crushing this is for you after so much hard work. BUT i also have no doubt that you are destined to be an Ironman, this is just a bump along the journey. hang in there.

    and just curious, what were the new shoes?

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your foot :(. That is very frustrating. I broke my toe 5 weeks ago and haven't been able to run. I am not sure if I will be able to do IM Arizona either. It's so frustrating to train for a year and have something happen out of your control.

    Keep thinking positive! There are so many more races out there to do. Your foot will get better and you'll be racing in California soon!

  8. That. Just. Sucks.

    I am so sorry to hear this.

  9. Oh no!! That is such poor news/timing, after all your training. I don't suppose IM AZ has relay teams so you could do the swim (or bike)? Regardless, all that training CAN go towards something in the future, your body won't forget. And now you can party with your friends from OZ and Spokane without guilt, enjoy your time together :) Best wishes for the foot healing.

  10. bugger!! hope your chocolate eating is going well.

    from elaine