Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ironman Week

So much going on and yet nothing to write about.  How does that work?

My friends and teammates are headed down to Arizona today to compete in Ironman on Sunday.  There is a twinge of envy and sadness as I have watched them get packed and ready this week.  I won't be making the trip down but I'll be cheering them on from here.  And I'll be thinking of my friend Tristin as she takes on the challenge of finishing what her husband started when he signed up for the race a year ago.  As most of you know her husband and my coach and friend Scott Roy passed away earlier this year from a heart condition. It will be such an emotional journey for her but I'm sure Scott will be her guardian angel and get her across the finish line. Some of my blogger buddies are competing this week end too.  Good luck to  Beth and Alison - I will be stalking you both online. I know you will both have an awesome race.

My foot is slowly improving. Lots of PT and strength training.  Lots of gait analysis and work on improving my running form. I have already mentioned that my injury was the result of changing to the wrong shoe.While that is true I think that my funky running gait didn't do me any favours either. So now is the time to change it up and try to make improvements before real training starts. 

On the shoe front I am testing out Newton Distance U's. They are certainly different from anything I have run in before. I wanted to try them out to encourage a more midfoot strike. After seeing a video that my PT took of me running it was obvious that what I thought was a mid foot strike was actually an ugly heel strike.   So far so good but I will be sure to write a full review of them after I have given them a few more weeks of testing.

In other news my friend Catherine is flying in this weekend from Australia and then we are headed off to Leavenworth ( this little Bavarian themed village) for Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to some fun and relaxation.


  1. I have the same sad feelings about not being in AZ this week. :( But, it is what it is and I'm cheering from Spokane with you.

    I'm super curious to hear about your Newton experiment. :)

    And so happy that Cath is coming!

  2. So far, so calm. I guess the calm before the storm. I will be thinking of you. Don't forget to watch my wave to you in the camera at the finish!