Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brain Fuzz

I'd heard about the fuzzy brain syndrome that IM training can cause.  The last few weeks have definitely given me brain fuzz.  I'm not sure that its just the training but more about trying to fit in in amongst everything else going on in life.  The challenge is making sure to check every box and still try and keep some semblance of balance for the rest of my family.

Since I am still experiencing brain fuzz here are some bullet points of life during IM training in no particular order of significance.

  • Riding your bike for 100 miles
Last weekend I did the Lilac Century ride in less than ideal conditions.  I rode the first part with my friend Ken whose Garmin was getting wind advisory warnings from his iphone, letting us know to expect 40mph winds.  Most off putting.  It was a bit of a miserable ride, no spectacular performances but I made it through 105 miles of the century ride...( seems like the course director had some issues with counting).

  • My introduction to K tape.
Speaking of riding a lot, 43 year old knees get cranky when you ride and run a lot, apparently.  After freaking out that I was on the way to another IM DNS my wonderful PT talked me down off the ledge, fixed me up, stuck K tape all over me and sent me back out there to train. 

  • Bike Fitting
As a result of said cranky knees, it was decided that my bike fit was the issue.  Now this is where I am a very lucky girl.I had a stack of input from some seriously qualified people. Coaches, coaches of coaches, athletic trainers, PT's, Cat 1 bike racers, doctors and more.  They all agreed that there was way more pressure on my knees from my bike position than there should be. The last time I had it fit was a year ago so I went back to Morgan at Bike Hub to see if he could tweak it a little and take some pressure off my knees. The jury is still out but I have some wicked  amount of riding coming up in the next 10 days so I'll be putting the new bike fit (and the knee) to the test.

  • Lacrosse
Surprisingly the world does not revolve around me ( although I think it probably should) and my children have lives outside of following me from race to race.  Max has discovered Lacrosse which I had never heard of before and is like a cross between football and hockey. Its super fun to watch although I don't know a thing about the rules.  Thank goodness he wears a helmet and pads because this is what his arms look  like after games and practices - he is one big walking bruise.

  • Lettering
Ciara lettered this year in academics and was accepted to the National Honor Society.  Matt and I are still confused about this whole lettering thing so it appears Ciara's intelligence is a genetic throwback which neither Matt nor I can claim responsibility for.  All I know is that apparently now she needs a letterman's jacket. America is such a complicated place :)

  • Passports
We have exactly 2 months before we head off to Australia so I had better get my act together and get passports.  Well we already have passports, but the Australian government says we need newer ones.  Apparently it isn't enough for them to be current  - we need MORE current ones. Don't ask.  Another $500 donated to those boobs in Canberra.

  • Get those kids working.
Matt's work had a "Take your Child to Work Day".  The boys went along to see how the real world works.  Jack decided he liked working with Dad and wanted to go back, mostly because he just likes to hang out with Matt.  He apparently pushed his way into a meeting with Matt and his boss because he didn't want to be left out.  Max's impression was that being in a cubicle all day was something akin to death.

Here is a picture of the 3 of them before they's spent the day together ......

And this is them after......


  1. Max looks like he's going to get a visit by CPS. OH MY GOSH!! That's insanity.

    I'm glad you're still moving the body. I'm hoping all your experts are getting to the bottom of your issues.

    I have an appt with Heidi at Rockwood tomorrow because my Hippy Click finally gave out on me. I think it may be bursitis. Hoping for a cortisone shot and to be in business soon.

  2. You don't need to be training for an IM to have "brain fuzz" you know :-)

    Love the before and after shots.

  3. Kinesio tape and bike fit - sounds like you're taking the steps to fix the problem! I know foam rolling helps me a lot too, as does regular chiro visits for ART. And I just got these compression knee sleeves (with pockets for ice packs) for recovery time from 110% Play Harder and they're pretty cool. Good luck!

  4. Sounds like you are right on track. Listen to your body even if you can't make rational decisions. You are so close. I remember many moments of being slap happy and hysterical laughing fits from overtraining or being up at odd hours. Slurred speech, lack of sleep, unable to shut the mind down, legs that wanted to collapse....every mile makes you tougher. Hang in there and hang on. You are so close. Sometimes it is ok to do less miles or skip a workout to preserve your body. Don't panic. You got this.