Thursday, May 9, 2013

Homeschooling Boys

I received an email from a relative the other day asking if we still homeschool because I don't talk about it much on the blog anymore.  And yes we do still homeschool the boys. Max has got one more year then it's off to high school for him. 

 Homeschooling boys is always more challenging in my opinion than girls.  Boys get twitchy sitting still all the time and have zero interest in crafty stuff, so I have to keep them interested in other ways. 

They have been learning about geology and one experiment they did recently asked them to model one of the 3 different types of volcanoes and determine what materials would best replicate certain types of volcanic eruptions. 

This is how they started out.

A nice controlled flowing eruption.

Then they decided to see how the build up of pressure effects an eruption. 

Well this is what happened......

So that was our cue to move the experimentation outside. 

Finally our volcano had a blowout and suffered a stress fracture from too much pressure build up. But not to be deterred the boys swapped over to plastic bottles to continue their experiment.  At this point they finally perfected their formula.

Mission accomplished.....a plastic bottle filled with washing detergent,food colouring, vinegar and baking soda, shaken up and then hit really hard best replicates the volcanic eruption of a composite volcano.  See...learning can be fun :)


  1. This is Hilarious. Jack's face in the second picture is so good.

    And ya know, it's just not a good science experiment until the machete gets brought out. ;)

  2. 30 years later: Dude, remember when the volcano spewed on the ceiling and Mom was like, okay outside and I was like okay I am getting the machete? That was the best day.